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  • Community Events

    AngelHack Global Hackathon Series: Sacramento - Midtown
    6-24-17 6:00 pm
    freeCodeCamp Sacramento

    Join alongside your fellow Campers to compete in this two-day Hackathon where you have the chance to win a 12-week HACKcelerator program to develop your ideas even further! Other prizes include:$200 AWS credit for all - free...

    Midsummer Night's Dream & Crystal Ice Cream
    6-24-17 6:00 pm
    Pirates of Sacramento

    A Midsummer Night’s Dream & Crystal Ice Cream Fantasy Saturday, June 24, 2017 at Fairytale Town 5 – 9 PM Shakespeare’s popular fairy-themed comedic play comes to life at Fairytale Town, along with all-you-can-eat Crystal ice cream! Join...

    Rick Bayless - One Plate at a Time - Experience the Cuisine of Mexico
    6-24-17 6:00 pm
    Sacramento Cookbook Club

    This month we're taking our taste buds south of the border to Mexico. As with most large countries, Mexico is a land of many cuisines. This month we'll explore the recipes and cooking techniques of Chef Rick Bayless. Rick Bayless is an...