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  • Community Events

    Handling Worldview Collisions, Holiday Edition

    Sacramento Politics and Philosophy Group

    Headed home with a new worldview you worry about sharing? Struggling to reveal a long hidden worldview to those you love?Simply want a swift but polite response when coworkers and friends thrust their worldviews at you?Or maybe it's worse, and...

    Meet, Greet, Critique, Write for Open Mic/or Not

    Shut Up & Write! Greater Sacramento Area

    • What we'll doDetails• What we'll doCome and Meet, Greet and Critique for Open Mic/ or NotEvery other week the group will read our written poem(s), prose, story and provide positive feedback/critique. The material should be limited to 1000...

    Real Estate Round Table Meeting

    Real Estate Round Table

    Come share stories, challenges, and tips about real estate. Instead of traditional networking, this group is about getting to know more each other, evaluating real deals, and learning real estate investment strategies. If you want to meet new...