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  • Community Events

    Quantum meditation on phone or videoconference with Rev. Pat Davies

    Center for Spiritual Living, Davis

    Quantum Online Meditations--Listen with us to a recorded Quantum Meditation created by Dr. Joe Dispenza that is a full-hour, life-changing, scientifically created combinations of meditation, prayer and visioning. Note All is Well Institute is not...

    Mid-Week Blue Crew Workouts | Morning at McKinley

    Runnin for Rhett | Blue Crew Training

    This crew is being led by co-crew leaders and long time R4R supporters Cindy Granados and Lyla Tyler. We will meet:• Tuesdays, McKinley Park at 8 am You can count on the two of us to greet you with a smiling face and positive attitude. We...

    Make Fur History: Second Vote in California!

    Direct Action Everywhere: Vegans For Animals

    The California Fur Ban passed its first vote 10-4, but it was a nail-biter! Our big presence at the hearing helped secure enough support to move the bill onto the next Committee. Now, we need YOU to show up in big numbers again so we can win the...