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    Darkest Hour

    Sacramento At The Movies Group

    • What we'll doSee this well reviewed film about Churchill's WWII response to the German invasion of most of western Europe. If you saw Dunkirk this is another facet of that pivotal period of the war....

    Christmas Concert

    Christian Camping & Backpacking

    This concert is performed by the Fountain View Academy Choir & Orchestra from British Columbia. Their music is exquisite rivaling professional musicians. The concert is free however an offering will be accepted to help cover their expenses....

    Dark of the Moon Circle "Everything is Going to be Fine"

    Dark Of The Moon Circle

    Note the earlier time!!! With this New Moon in Sagittarius, we are reminded and comforted that everything is going to be fine! You are well. You are cared for. You are protected. You are loved. Your prayers have been heard. Let us come together...