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  • Community Events

    Flippin' Friday -Loch Leven Lakes - 7+ Miles Intermediate+

    Hikers and Company

    It's getting warm in Sacramento so let's head higher into the mountains where it's cooler. Loch Leven Lakes are beautiful this time of year. It may get warm, but we will be doing our climbing in the cool of the day and come back down when it's...

    Is Race Real?

    Open Forum : Philosophy and Politics Discussion

    This question came up at a previous meetup. The person who brought it up came from the position that race is a political convention and thus imaginary. I tried to communicate that the racial categorization is not entirely arbitrary and is at...

    Sacramento Skeptics in the Pub

    Sacramento Area Skeptics

    New meeting place for Skeptics in the Pub! Sactown Union Brewery is close to the old location and has great beer! There is usually a food truck on site and there is pizza and sandwiches right next door which you can bring in. Another nice thing...